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Mr. Mohammed Saiful Alam


Mr. Mohammed Saiful Alam, a Prominent Entrepreneur, has been the Chairman of Board of Directors of  AVIVA Equity Management Limited since September, 2010. Born in a very reputed Muslim family in Chittagong, he also serves as the Chairman of renowned  S. Alam Group which has diversified business interests in many segments in manufacturing and service sectors in Bangladesh. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) degree, Mr. Alam pursues his versatile and diversified business affiliation and keen perception in Banking, NBFI, Insurance, Power generation and Trading Business which made him  a well known Business  Idol. Through strategic investments, he is commited to catalyzing development in the growth of the Bangladesh’s economy. As  Chairman of AVIVA Equity Management Limited he has brought along with him more than 39 years of experiences.