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Mrs. Farzana Parveen


Farzana Parveen is the Director of Reliance Brokerage Services Ltd since September, 2010.Her principal focus is organization planning and people development. She is currently involved in a number of companies namely First Security Islami Capital & Investment Ltd., SS Power Ltd., Ekushey Television Ltd., etc. in order to enhancing leadership skills, aspirations, achieving goals, discovering strengths and exploiting them.

Mr. A Z M Salek


Mr. Abu Zafar Md. Salek was born in a respectable Muslim family of Jossore. He is one of the Directors of Reliance Brokerage Services Ltd. Besides, being a businessman, he is actively involved with many sports and socio-cultural organization of the country.He patronizes a number of social, cultural, charitable and sporting organizations of the country as well.He has significant exposures in business management with his strategic and visionary leadership capacity.

Mr. Mohammed Shahidul Islam

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Mohammed Shahidul Islam has been serving as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Brokerage Services Limited since 2016. Prior to that, he served with Standard Bank Securities Limited as CEO and with Phoenix Securities Limited as Head of Brokerage Operation. Over the last 2S years career span, Mr. Islam performed his duties and responsibilities diligently in leading positions at Central Depository Bangladesh Limited, Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited and Development Design Consultants Limited. Mr.Islam’s career evolved as a well rounded professional in financial and capital market with adequate exposure in administration & operation of automated stock exchange trading, CDS systems, rules, regulations, listing, settlement, surveillance & implementation of lawful order. Afterhis joining, the Reliance Brokerage Services Limited is going through business process reengineering with significant emphasis on centralized operational model, service expansion, ensure service quality and above all business development.Besides distinctive academic records, he is also a graduate of Chittagong University and MBA from Dhaka International University